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Pureed Meals for Children and Adults!

MultiGen Purees are perfect for the healthy advocates seeking a tasty snack that’s actually made with real ingredients. The purees were created to make eating a little more simplified for those restricted to a soft food diet, both young and wise. They provide a delicious and nutritious alternative to many of the unhealthy pureed food options available, while still delivering the ultimate flavor to your tastebuds. Unlike other pureed meals, the MultiGen Purees are perfect for the entire family – babies, adults, and our loving elderly!

Wholesome - Aromatic - Flavorful

Purees Made With Love

MultiGen Purees have been thoroughly researched and perfected to provide a healthy alternative to those who can’t consume conventional meals or those just looking for a quick and healthy snack. With every step of our process, we put our customers interests first. We would like to say thank you to all of those who have given feedback and shared their stories with us on how MultiGen Purees improved their wellness through some difficult times. Please feel free to reach out if you are fighting a disease, going through surgery, or interested in learning more about our purees and the many health benefits associated with it. We would love to hear from you!

Why Choose Multigen Purees?

The Healthy Alternative

The United States has become the land of modified foods, salts, and sweeteners. With so many unhealthy options so readily available, it can be hard to find food that is actually good for you and your baby. MultiGen Purees was founded on complete health wellness and integrity. In order to provide the most beneficial nutrients to those who need it most, we made a pact to always keep our pureed food fresh and never frozen.

Many other pureed products use frozen ingredients and dry herbs to make their prepping process cheaper and easier, specifically out of the own interest of the company. They’re able to buy the food in bulk at a discounted price and hold onto the unused ingredients for much longer. When certain foods are frozen (especially vegetables), they can actually lose some of their nutritional value and natural, great taste. Dry herbs, such as parsley and cilantro, will also have a different taste in comparison to fresh herbs. In order to make the product taste better, their purees will have many added salts and sugars that could have been otherwise avoided if they used the right ingredients.


100% real food made with wisdom means exactly that – fresh AND raw ingredients from start to finish. The MultiGen Puree food ingredients are grown by local farmers in the area that avoid the use of harmful and unnecessary preservatives on their plants. The special blends are derived entirely of nature-made ingredients that are gluten-free and vegan. Once harvested, the food is hand-prepped, cooked, pureed and packaged without adding any new additions to the already delicious and natural pureed meal.

Puree pouches are perfect for: Camping, Hiking, Marathons, Working out, Busy schedules, Athletes, Soft food diets, Swallowing disorders, Surgeries, Sickness and illness, Disabilities, Neurological disorders

Soft Food Diets

Pureed foods are ideal for anyone recovering from surgery, those suffering from a swallowing disorder such as dysphagia, or a young child whose diet mainly consists of soft foods. The smooth and consistent texture makes it much easier on the digestive system for babies, adults and the elderly. The pureed food is able to smoothly slide down the larynx, eliminating the possibility of any discomfort, pain or choking.



The MultiGen Purees are one of the best soft food diet options to those recovering from certain types of surgery or an extended illness. Doctors will recommend soft foods after medical procedures that deal with the mouth, head, neck, and stomach. Certain medical tests and examinations will also require an empty stomach before the procedure can begin. In order to gain all of the necessary nutrients, it’s very important for patients to consume healthy soft foods. Our products offer a nutritious addition to any diet, while staying rich in flavor. The MultiGen Purees will provide a healthy and healing environment to thoroughly prepare for a speedy recovery.

Common surgeries requiring a soft food diet: Oral/dental surgery, Jaw surgery, Esophageal surgery, Gastric bypass, Stomach tumor, Intestinal surgery, Hysterectomy, Bowel surgery, Colon cancer and Bariatric surgery



In medical terminology, dysphagia means difficulty swallowing. Foods and liquids take more time and effort to make it through the digestive system and can sometimes be very painful. In severe cases, swallowing can be next to impossible. Dysphagia can make it very difficult to consume the necessary vitamins and nutrients the body needs, causing dramatic weight loss and other health issues. This is why many doctors will recommend a soft food diet and more specifically, pureed foods.

The MultiGen Purees allow those suffering from swallowing disorders or dysphagia to gain the necessary nutrients and energy needed while requiring no chewing effort. The purees come in a variety of wholesome flavors and are ready to eat with no preparation required. Our products contain fresh and all-natural ingredients that allow them to be low-acidic and alkaline-forming, soothing any swallowing or stomach pain.



It can be very difficult at times to get your child to eat the right vegetables. Parents are dealing with children who dislike the taste of veggies because of high-sodium and sugar consumption in the United States. Many of the everyday foods found at grocery stores contain harmful ingredients that can be quite dangerous to the overall health of children and even adults. It’s important to provide your child with healthy food made with real ingredients to develop their palates for a lifetime of healthy eating.

MultiGen Purees have been a huge hit among the younger generations. They offer a tasty alternative to raw vegetables with a smooth texture that makes it very easy to swallow. The purees are acceptable for all ages due to their low-acidity and natural ingredients. The products are also well-known for adding a nice (and secretive) flavor to certain meals, such as pasta sauce or chili. They’re the perfect way to add vegetables to meals you’re already cooking for extra texture and nutrition.


    Consuming low-acidic and alkaline-forming foods has proven to have phenomenal benefits to the body. Research shows that cancer cannot exist in an overly alkaline environment. An alkaline diet will help balance your body’s pH levels and strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of mortality for a number of chronic diseases and illnesses. The alkalinity in foods help to cure acid reflux and improve digestion. This is why each MultiGen Puree recipe is tested for the perfect pH-balance, which is then written directly on the pouches to inform the consumer of the pH levels.


    Another major advantage to the MultiGen Purees over other pureed pouches is the linear tear for opening the package. Throughout the development phase of packaging, research was done to determine whether to provide customers with a twist-off or tear option to open the puree. Results showed that a simple tear offers many advantages over a twist-off. For starters, tearing is much easier to open a package, especially for the elderly and those with arthritis or joint pain.

    A twist-off also requires sucking, which can be harmful to babies and anyone who has undergone certain oral surgeries. Sucking can promote bleeding and effect the healing process post-surgery. It can also have an effect on motor skills and speech development in babies. Speech pathologists say that children who suck out of twist-offs and sippy cups can have difficulty with articulation and may even develop lisps. Since our products are often enjoyed by adults and babies on a soft food diet, we wanted to make sure to provide an easy-open and non-sucking option.


    One of the best perks to our pureed food is that the product is completely functional. The different flavors can be added to a variety of meals, but they are also ready to eat as-is. Enjoy the purees hot or cold at your own convenience. They’re shelf-sustainable and do not require any refrigeration or hydration. The light-weight packaging makes it easy to carry around and open the pouch, creating the perfect on-the-go snack with a full burst of nutrients.

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