Pureed Meals For Feeding Tube

Alixine Sasonoff - Burien, WA

We received the samples and wanted to thank you for your generosity. We managed to easily administer the purees through a G-tube with no difficulties.

Firouzeh's Truly Miracle Foods

Lisa E. Agnew, M.S., AT, MMP, LMT

I suffered from digestive issues for six months when Firouzeh offered her miracle.  The choices and taste are so delicious.  I was able to hold my weight steady while using Firouzeh’s truly miracle foods.

Delicious, Flavorful, and Nutritious

Dr. J. Murray, PhD

As a professional psychologist and nutritionist, I find that I am often rushed for time to eat. When I tasted MultiGen Purees I was delighted to find out they are more than convenient they are delicious, flavorful, and nutritious. Finally, an all natural puree that is easy to digest, fun and YUMMY!  I recommend them to my friends.

Great Nutritional Value!

FJ - Nevada

Following surgery, my doctor recommended a soft diet.  I choose MultiGen Purees.  They have all natural ingredients and taste delicious!  I’m fully recovered now, and I still use MultiGen Purees occasionally. I enjoy the selection of different purees available and the nutritional value they provide me.

Wonderful Line of Brilliant Purées


As someone who knows what it’s like to be on a liquid diet for almost over a month, I wanted to be getting the most nutritious value as possible to also maintain my health. Having jaw surgery & not being able to chew food let alone open my mouth was a burden alone, but MultiGen Purées by Firouzeh’s Foods honestly got me through a very life changing experience for me & kept me healthy while also enjoying the flavors I was intaking. I will forever be grateful for her wonderful line of brilliant Purées.

Great for any age!

Danielle M., Las Vegas, Nevada

This is comfort food…a ready-to-eat, fresh and flavorful meal on its own or a delicious complement to any meal for any age!

MultiGen Purees came to my rescue

E. S., Encinitas, California

After my bariatric surgery I had to stay on soft food diet longer than anticipated. I found out about Firouzeh’s products. MultiGen Purees were the perfect meal for my condition. They were tasty yet nutritious with a comfort feel, easy to digest and gentle on my digestive system due to being low acidic. After my surgery, I wasn’t able to drive, not to mention I had no energy to go buy the food, prepare and cook it day after day during my recovery.

MultiGen Purees came to my rescue, it allowed me the time to rest and recover.

My Personal Happy Meal

Larry Kay, Las Vegas, Nevada

I love the MultiGen Purees by Firouzeh Foods. I could not eat anything without heartburn or acid reflux, I am 86 and hungry. At my wife’s encouragement I tried it and had none of the reactions as before. It was very filling and I had no craving for more food until the next meal time. It was extra super simple to fix and I realized I could prepare it myself even though I have some physical challenges. I am sold on this product to help me back to enjoying a meal and not having to take before and after meal medications.  Because I am Diabetic, I can’t always carry what I need in special diets and these are so convenient and fill all my needs to eat something every 4 or 5 hours. Thank you for my personal happy meal.

The Perfect Travel Snack

Reverend Angela Kay, Las Vegas, Nevada

I learned my lesson. I had to go out of town for a few days and airports are not my favorite dining place. I brought a few snacks but they were gone before the next flight. I could have brought several packets of MultiGen Purees by Firouzeh’s Foods, that I bought for my 86 year old husband with stomach issues and he loves them. I could have used them at the airport bathroom to run hot water over the well-sealed bag, pull out a spoon and eaten a full satisfying meal without a fuss and without the high and low of travel snacks.  As I said, I learned my lesson and I will be ordering fresh, satisfying and nutritious meals each and every time I travel by plane or car.

Thank you for making our life easier to stay healthy in the simplest way. Congratulations! Well done!