• Firouzeh Forouzmand

  • As a young girl Firouzeh learned the importance of fresh foods and healthy herbs. Firouzeh worked hand in hand with her mother as she picked fresh herbs to combine with locally grown organic vegetables to create savory healthy dishes. The last ingredient always placed in each dish was a loving hug.

    As a new mother Firouzeh did not want to succumb to feeding her children preservative filled foods. Carrying on the tradition learned at her mother’s side Firouzeh prepared homemade healthy meals for her babies.

    As years went by Firouzeh became her parents’ caregiver and was exposed to institutional care and nutrition given to elderly and recovering patients. She also took notice of friends and family members of all ages who were either being tube fed or required a soft food diet due to stroke, memory loss or various surgeries and procedures. When a close and dear friend passed away from a disease that made swallowing and chewing difficult, Firouzeh realized the need for her wholesome purees and began to create her healthy blends. Word spread about her purees. Friends and acquaintances with colon cancer, stomach tumor and various other ailments began to request her gourmet nutritious purees.

  • As an active professional Firouzeh watched associates and other professionals rush meals, settling for worst quality food that deterred their health. That’s when she had an epiphany… the same aromatic healthy purees that helped elderly, babies, and those with illnesses could also be a perfect solution for healthy busy professionals and active on the go people. Thus MultiGen Purres product line was born; the perfect meal that could fit in your pocket, and be conveniently enjoyed directly from the pouch or heated.

    Because Firouzeh is so adamant about the importance of using only fresh produce, and healthy herbs, she spent months traveling and going directly to the source. There she met the people who grow the food and the family that packages each pouch of flavorful, wholesome, aromatic pureed meals.

    Whether you are recovering from surgery, caring for the elderly, feeding a young child, into fitness, or the on the go professional, every pouch of Firouzeh’s gourmet blends does more than simply satisfy. Every recipe has been perfected over the generations maintaining purity, quality, and epicurean excellence.You can feel secure knowing there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or sweeteners in any pouch. No additives, just a mother’s touch.